Age of Chivalry: Hegemony

The first modification pack for Age of Empires II to change every country in the game, Age of Chivalry: Hegemony is a unique and critically acclaimed project set in Western and Central Europe during the period 1100-1500.


Changing not only graphics and civilisations, the entire gameplay has been altered to better reflect the intricacies of High and Late Medieval politics and warfare, and to make each country provide a unique playing experience. There’s new, civilisation-specific buildings such as the Princely Court, the Guild Hall and the Assembly Hall, as well as countless new technologies, unique and revolutionary Policy Decisions, a mercenary system, new combat dynamics and even a revised history section. An eight-scenario historical campaign featuring some of the period’s decisive battles and sieges is included to introduce some of these elements to the player.

New features:

  • Command one of three types of civilisation: the early-game Communal civilisations, the mid-game, militia/spear-centred Urban societies or the heavy infantry/cavalry Noble principalities
  • Prepare to fight! Changed game mechanics ensure a much earlier start to the combat, with archery units available in the first age and castles and battering rams in the second
  • Complement your armies with mercenaries like the Genoese Crossbowman, the Privateer, Swiss Pikemen, and many more
  • As well as completely changing all original countries, five new ones have been added!
  • Take up the fight as Austria, Bavaria, Bohemia, Brandenburg, Brittany, Burgundy, Denmark, England, Flanders, Florence, France, Friesland, Genoa, Guelders, Helvetia, Liège, Milan Poland, Savoy, Saxony, Scotland, Venice, or Wales, each completely different
  • Advance your civilisation on one of two paths by making essential policy decisions, affecting the future of your people
  • New buildings, technologies, and units, from the ordinances of the Princely Court to the might of each faction’s hero
  • Research new, civ-specific, technologies, such as English Longbowmen or Welsh Border Forts
  • Historical 8-scenario campaign takes you through some of the major events of the period (the battle of Bouvines, the Barons’ War, the conquest of West Friesland, the battle of Kortrijk, the start of the Hundred Years War, the siege of Maastricht, the battle of Vitkov Hill and the siege of Neuss)

Comes with auto-installer!

Release of this updated version is expected in early 2014.


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