Unique Units:
War Wagon (mobile tower)
Reichsritter (anti-siege lancer, requires Romzug)


Unique Technology:
Ius Teutonicum (requires Luxembourg Dynasty, silver miners work 15% faster, town halls work 20% faster)

Team Bonus: Mangonels +2 attack

Characteristics of the civilisation:

  • Archers are cheaper
  • Spear Infantry +1 range
  • Knightly Infantry cost more
  • Peasants +3 LOS
  • Tower upgrades free (Bombard Tower requires Alchemy)
  • Tower range +1 14th cent., +1 15th cent.
  • Conversion enabled from the 14th century on
  • Has access to the Princely Court

Policy Decisions
Hussite Beliefs (enables War Wagon, Arbalester, Tarasnice, Halberd Militia; Close Order Drill, Pike Drill, Pavises, Chiliasm; allows for further specialisation*)

* Utraquist sect (Knights and Ministeriales +2 attack, enables research of Heresy, Iron Casting, Bloodlines and Royal Knights)

* Taborite sect (Disables knightly cavalry, spear units have +15 hit points, enables research of Bracer, Heresy free)

Luxembourg Dynasty (enables Reichsritter, Slechtic; Ius Teutonicum, Chivalric Order, Bloodlines, Iron Casting; Rytirs and Slechtics have +15 hit points)


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