Unique Unit:
Italian Infantry (strong militia, requires Italian Alliance)
Flemish Infantry (pikeman, requires Flemish Relations)

Italian Infantry Flemish Infantry

Unique Technology:
Bohain Ordonnance (Mercenary Longbowmen +1 attack; Italian Infantry +3 attack; Flemish Infantry +1/+1P armour; Militia Lancers +1/+2P)
Naval Ordonnance (War Cogs and Carracks attack 20% faster)

Team Bonus: Units more resistant to conversion

Characteristics of the civilisation:

  • Archers +5 hit points
  • Skirmishers -5 hit points
  • Spear Infantry -10 hit points
  • Knightly Infantry cheaper
  • Pathfinder -20 hit points
  • Troopers, Knightly Cavalry +60 hit points, cost more
  • Farms cost -33%
  • Town Hall +2 attack/+5 LOS
  • Roman Law and City Rights technology lines cost no florins
  • Has access to the Princely Court

Policy Decisions
English Alliance (enables Mercenary Longbowman, enables Bracer research, Merchant Barques faster)
Flemish Relations (enables Flemish Infantry, Merchants faster, trading fee 10%)

Mercenary Longbowman


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