Unique Units:
Herreman (anti-infantry infantry)
Longship (boarding ship)


Unique Technology:
Dannebrog (+3 infantry attack)

Team Bonus: Light lancers (including Militia Lancers, Bajorai, Liv Auxiliaries, Stradiots, and Székely Auxiliaries) +2 attack vs. archers

Characteristics of the civilisation:

  • Start with Militia Lancer, not Pathfinder
  • Militia +4 attack, -10 hit points
  • Knightly Infantry +2 attack +1 pierce armour, -10 hit points
  • Villagers +15 hit points, carry +5
  • All military units created 15% faster
  • Priests +5 hit points for each Church technology, but cost +25 florins.
  • War Cog cheaper, trains more quickly
  • Has access to the Princely Court

Policy Decisions
Baltic Crusades (Foot Knights +2 attack, conversion resistance +50%, enables conversion)
Kalmar Union (silver gathering rate +15%, castles +2000 hit points) 


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