Unique Unit:
Scaerwetter (anti-archer pikeman)
Beguine (priest)


Unique Technology:
Koninkstavelrijen (Guild Hall units created 50% faster)

Team Bonus: Levy Quarters 20% faster

Characteristics of the civilisation:

  • Archers +5 hit points
  • Spear Infantry +1 range
  • Handgunners reload faster, cost more
  • Fishing ships faster
  • Infantry cost -10% 13th cent., -15% 14th cent., -25% 15th cent.
  • Infantry +1 attack vs. buildings
  • +10 population 15th century
  • Walls/gates have more hit points
  • Kogge cheaper, trains more quickly
  • Has access to the Guild Hall

Policy Decisions
Three Members of Flanders (disables knightly cavalry, spear units +2 attack, +10 hit points)
Chamber of the Council (enables Plate Armour; militia -10 hit points, knights +3 attack)


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