Unique Units:
Spadaccino (medium infantry, requires Lombard League)
Carroccio (heavy armoured cart with healing powers, requires Lombard League)
Condottiero (regenerating, heavy armoured cavalry, requires Mercenaries)



Unique Technology:
Scuola Sforzesca (Spear infantry and Condottieri have +1 attack, +1/+2 armour, slower)

Team Bonus: Castles 20% faster

Characteristics of the civilisation:

  • City farms
  • Can choose Policy Decision in 13th century
  • Spear infantry, knightly infantry and Troopers train 20% more quickly
  • Knightly infantry +1 melee armour
  • Condottieri +1 attack, +2 attack vs. militia units, +1 melee armour, slower
  • War Cog more expensive, takes longer to construct
  • Access to Guild Hall/Princely Court dependent on Policy Decision

Policy Decisions
Lombard League (enable Guild Hall, Spadaccino, Carroccio, Pike Drill; spear infantry +1 range, Troopers +2 attack in the 14th century, Spadaccini +20 hit points in the 15th century)
Visconti Signoria (enable Princely Court; knightly infantry +3 attack, Castles 20% cheaper, +500 hit points, Condottieri +30 hit points in the 15th century)


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