Unique Units:
Rhenish Knight (regenerating cavalry, requires Kurfürst, Mercenaries)
Gotlander Auxiliary (anti-infantry infantry, requires Hanseatic League)

Rhenish Knight

Gotlander Auxiliary

Unique Technologies:
Counterpoise Trebuchet (Trebuchets fire, pack/unpack faster)

Team Bonus: Assembly Halls and Guild Halls +500 hit points

Characteristics of the civilisation:

  • Militia, Knightly Infantry +10 hit points
  • Fishing Ships 2X hit points; +2 pierce armour
  • Fishing Ships work rate +5% 12th cent., +10% 13th cent., +15% 14th cent., +20% 15th cent.
  • Mill, Lumber Camp, Mining Camp cost -50%
  • Infantry attack 10% faster 13th cent., 15% 14th cent., 25% 15th cent.
  • Kogge cheaper, trains more quickly
  • Has access to the Guild Hall

Policy Decisions
Hanseatic League (enables Gotlander Auxiliary, Likedeler; disables knightly cavalry, militia +2 attack, +10 hit points, merchant units faster)
Kurfürst (enables Rhenish Knight; militia -10 hit points, all knightly units +3 attack)


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