Papal States

Unique Units:
Condottiero (regenerating, heavy armoured cavalry, requires Mercenaries)
Genoese Crossbowman (requires Avignon Papacy)
Mercenary Longbowman (requires Roman Papacy)
Spadaccino (medium infantry)
Szekely Auxiliary (mercenary lancer, requires Avignon/Roman Papacy)

Condottiero Székely Auxiliary
Genoese Crossbowman Mercenary Longbowman Spadaccino

Unique Technology:
Jubilee Year (available each century; invest food and wood, receive florins)

Team Bonus: Priests can convert (excluding Beguines and Carroccios); enable Block Printing and Girdle Book research

Characteristics of the civilisation:

  • All buildings cost 20% less wood
  • Stone miners work more quickly
  • Houses support only 4 population
  • Town Militia -5 HP, Footmen and Spadaccini -10 HP
  • Footmen and Spadaccini -2 attack
  • Relics generate double income
  • Priests have +2/+2P armour
  • Architecture and Court Clergy research free
  • Castles cheaper, smaller, fewer garrisoning slots
  • Churches bigger, more expensive
  • War Cog more expensive, takes longer to construct
  • Has access to Papal Court

Policy Decisions
Avignon Papacy (enable Genoese Crossbowman and Székely Auxiliary, enable Plate Armour research; enable French Alliance and Neapolitan Alliance)
Roman Papacy (enable Mercenary Longbowman and Székely Auxiliary, enable Blast Furnace research; enable Florentine Alliance and Milanese Alliance)
Roman Republic (Militia infantry receive regular HP and attack, are cheaper; enable Arbalester, Halberd Militia, and Cuirass research; enable Florentine Alliance and Neapolitan Alliance)

Alliances (Policy Decision required)
Florentine Alliance (mercenaries 20% cheaper, free Banking)
French Alliance (Genoese Crossbowmen +20 HP, enable Ordonnance Companies)
Milanese Alliance (Condottieri, Spadaccini, Mercenary Longbowmen +1/+2P armour)
Neapolitan Alliance (Skirmishers +2 P armour, Galley +1 range, free Shipwright, enable Galleass research)


One thought on “Papal States

  1. Trevo Smith

    Two of the units that the Papal States have don’t seem to have any information online.

    Specifically the urban cavalry and the militia line unit you have to research.


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