Country Profiles

Age of Chivalry: Hegemony allows the player to control any of the following 26 countries. Click a country to read the related country profile and discover unique units, technologies, and bonuses!

Age of Chivalry map


18 thoughts on “Country Profiles

  1. QtyaFiya

    Great mod great site! May i suggest that country profiles tab display the Heroes and a few words about them attached to the policy decisions?

    1. Age of Chivalry: Hegemony mod Post author

      AoK:HD unfortunately doesn’t allow for the use of advanced modding features that Age of Chivalry utilises, so it cannot be ported to HD.

      1. demecoblog

        I’m a great fan of age of chivalry and I think that some users of Steam’s workshop will share something extra for modding . The features of “the forgotten ” seems an ugly copy and paste of your best quality mod.

  2. Mahazona

    Just curios how many more country’s can be added with the game limitations?If I remember 29 is the maximum.

    1. Age of Chivalry: Hegemony mod Post author

      If you are asking how to get access to a hero, you do this by researching a policy decision technology at the Town Hall in the fourteenth century, after which a hero should become available at the Princely Court/Guild Hall/Assembly Hall/Castle. You can only build a hero once in each game.

    1. Age of Chivalry: Hegemony mod Post author

      I am not planning on adding any more countries (also, Spain was not a unified country at this time so would only qualify as its constituent parts).

  3. wowegoo

    I try to conctact with some of the author’s at ModDb. Me and 2 friends are interested in the translation to Spanish. We have the translation of the 2.0 version. We need to update but need your confirmation and the tool used to compile the installer. Please contact me.
    Thanks in advance.


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