In the course of a project so wide in scope and so long in the making, we’ve accrued a lot of debts, We would like to thank the following people for their support and hard work on our behalf:

  • Everyone in the community who helped create the Userpatch!
  • Jorgito_aqua27 – created almost all new unit graphics in the mod; created the new terrain graphics.
  • JustTesting1234 & Daniel_pereira – provided the research and code for changing hardcoded elements of the game!
  • Jan dc – created some of the new building graphics, including the Milanese Princely Court, the Florentine Guild Hall, the 13th century Siege Workshop; created the basis of the Milanese Guild Hall; created many editor objects; improved many building graphics such as the Genoese monument.
  • Carcoma – created new graphics for the Galley, Galleass, War Cog, Holk, Longship, and Dhow; made building assets such as windows which were reused for the new buildings.
  • Wildfire Studios/Games – created the Rome at War mod, which formed the basis of the Italian build set.
  • The Forgotten Empires team – made most of the buildings in the Slavic build set (based on the Russian Mod by Agamemmnon) and provided the Hungarian sounds from the Forgotten Empires mod.
  • Pesqueira – made the 12th/13th century Italian building graphics.
  • Iron_gc – created the new construction graphics.
  • Courtjester1 – created the Swiss Pikeman graphics.
  • Matt LiVecchi – created the new rocks and other terrain eye candy graphics and thought of an ingenious way of limiting the player to a single hero.
  • Agamemmnon – created the basis for the Slavic building set for his Russian Mod, and the waterfall graphics.
  • Charging Knight – exported the garden graphics from Stronghold for his Trade Goods, Weapons and Gardens pack.
  • Conde Montecristo – created the Helvetian monument.
  • Shadowflare – imported the Cuman Auxiliary graphics from the AoK beta, which we took from his Middle-Earth Total Conversion modpack.
  • The Vampire Slayer – extracted and imported the lion graphics from AoE.
  • Webbird – created the Standing Stones and Tumulus graphics for his Celtica mod.
  • Daniel Pereira – imported the Cossacks Howitzer graphics, which I reused for the Bohemian Houfnice.
  • Julius 999 – created the 1379 – War of Chioggia scenario.
  • into darkness – created the Baltic Sea real world map.
  • Wergorne – created the currently used AI for Age of Chivalry and helped find and fix many bugs.
  • II2N – created the Barbarian AI which formed the basis of the original Age of Chivalry standard AI.
  • John the Late – fixed the in-game tech tree and helped find and fix many bugs.
  • Lukas Chludzinski – voice actor for the Polish sounds.
  • Michal Mraz – voice actor for the Czech/Bohemian sounds.
  • The creators of the Age of Empires III conversion mod pack, Napoleonic Era, from which the Swiss sounds were taken with permission.
  • Herzog de Puce – created additional documentation and discovered many bugs in the process.

Other help was received from the following:

  • Scenario_T_C – for giving us Genied 1 and Genied 2. Without those two programs, this mod would not exist!
  • Estien Nifo aka StSB77 – created the original version of Advanced Genie Editor (AGE).
  • Keisari Tapsa – created AGE3.
  • Hawk_Ruralist – created Turtle Pack.
  • Dave_earl – for writing the install script tutorial and providing support.
  • Jatayu – for helping with installation problems relating to an earlier release, as well as creating the original Mod Workshop, which was used prior to the advent of Turtle Pack.
  • Leif Ericson – provided a lot of support with AI problems.
  • Matei – for creating the AIs that go with the campaign.
  • Our players and playtesters! – We received loads of helpful and constructive feedback. People who contributed to this mod include, but are not limited to, in no particular order:

Gwynfydedig, Stormraider, Drahnier, shelper, sly_guy, Vantek, Ghosthic, Evil Viking, TK VanBraun, Herzog de Puce, Belisarivs, HeroPatrick 111, Lord_Wyrven, oliver, matty12345, ModRocker, Rion, WildCardDow, Impeached, Duncan_Hardy, PolarIce123, Intrepid, Map_maker_tester, Super_Cell_51, Endoras teh Elf, Tanneur99, xingjianma, Hawk_sd0061, St Chormo, Scud, joshthewhistler, saint, BearTheGreat, ben331, thegreatkazein, Alpha Line, marathon, John the Late, Jan dc, Wergorne, Mayank Sharma, Mashek, jordanthejq12, AFFA the cleric, Vardamir, PescaraCalcio36, AOHH, Julius999.

If we have forgotten anyone, we apologise! Drop us a note and we’ll rectify this asap.


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