Roman City

A Roman city with church and castle, protected by a variety of Papal troops.

Scottish Princely Court

Scottish troops guard the Princely Court, based on Linlithgow palace.

Burgundian Princely Court

The Burgundian Princely Court at Coudenberg possesses fine gardens and a famous ducal guard.

Italian harbour

An Italian port, busy with commercial activity.

Frisian town

A Frisian settlement on an artificial mound, centred on its main church.

Hanseatic Town

A 15th century Hanseatic town (Saxony) is raided by Polish troops.

St David's cathedral

The new Welsh monument, based on St David’s cathedral, and the Welsh church.

The Papal Court

Condottieri march past the Lateran Palace, seat of the pope.

Winter battle

Unique infantry units have ganged together to ambush a cavalry force comprising Knights, Troopers, Mounted Crossbowmen and Routiers. The infantry army itself contains Gotlander Auxiliaries (Saxony), Hobescorenen (Friesland), Cliarthaires (Scotland), and Herremans (Denmark).

A Polish town

A Polish town, garrisoned by lancers, szlachta and bajorai.

Teutonic Order fortress

A castle of the Teutonic Order at peace.

Town in Guelders

Soldiers gather on the main square of a town somewhere in Guelders.

The city of Liège

The militia of Liège have gathered in front of the episcopal court and the cathedral, at the very heart of the city.

Visiting St Mark

A Genoese raid on Venice goes awry when a raiding party of Genoese Guards and Foot Knights is surrounded by Condottieri, Stradiots, Pikemen, Footmen and Foot Knights.

Polish ambush

A Polish force containing Bajorai and Szlachta ambushes an advance force of the Teutonic Order.

Frisian Coast

A Frisian settlement is protected by the sea dyke.

Florence city centre

A Florentine army (red) defends its monument, the cathedral of Florence. Florentine Spadaccini (with large round shield), Militia Lancers, Condottieri and Arbalesters fight a German army including Foot Knights, Reichsritter and Rhenish Knights.


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