Unique Units:
Szlachcic (strong light cavalry)
Bajoras (ranged lancer, requires Union of Krewo)

Szlachcic Bajoras

Unique Technology:
Statutes of Nieszawa (Lancers, Szlachta, Bajorai +30 hit points)

Team Bonus: Foot archers +1 attack vs. buildings

Characteristics of the civilisation:

  • Start with Szlachcic, which receives free upgrade each century
  • Foragers work 25% faster
  • Stone miners work 20% faster
  • Town Halls support +1 population
  • Spear Infantry +1 range, Pikeman +2 attack
  • Lancers +10 hit points
  • Footman +1 attack
  • Market trade cost only 5%
  • Has access to the Princely Court

Policy Decisions
Ostsiedlung (enables Pikeman, Footman, Mounted Crossbowman, Mounted Cranequinier; Mounted Cranequinier has +2 attack)
Union of Krewo (enables Bajoras)


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